SuperHeroes Arena

How to Play

Active Powers
Passive Powers
Special Powers
Special Weapons


Active Powers

Active powers need to be activated by the player. 

All active powers have a recharge time, which means it may take a few seconds before you can use it again. A small icon on the right side of the screen shows your active power and its recharge time.

If you want to use your active power you must have a key assigned to it, you can do this in the menu at Controls then Shoot.

Sonic Scream
You emit a piercing scream that at close range does massive damage.
Grenade Swarm
Fires a spread of grenades in random directions.
Every superhero has their weakness. You fire a rock of kryptonite which affects your victim in different ways, according to its colour.
Kinetic Cards
Fires a spread of 5 energy blasts. They will slice through anything, there is no protection from this.
Death Blow
When charged, it will cause your next weapon hit to do 5 times the normal damage. Each shot you fire will use up to 10 of your ammo.
Fires a powerful, bouncing projectile out ahead of you.
Causes everyone around you to go blind.
Psionic Blast
Creates a psionic explosion at the point you're looking at.
You teleport to the point you're looking at.
Teleport Beacon
The first time you use this, you create a beacon where you're standing. The next time you activate this power, you instantly teleport to the spot you placed the beacon.
Black Hole
Everyone close to you is sucked toward you at high speed.
Flame Cascade
Fires a stream of exploding fire along the ground in front of you.
You can move all objects with the power of your mind. Also throwing a player around, causing them damage in the process.
Optic Blast
A laser beam emits from your head, vaporizing anyone who gets in the way.
Reverse Gravity
Creates an area of reversed gravity, throwing up any players caught within.
Gravity Well
You fire an energy projectile which causes everything close to be sucked toward it.
Impulse 9
Gives you a random weapon, ammo, health, teleporter or powerup.
Freeze Ray
You fire a heat seeking and absorbing projectile, freezing whomever it hits.
Ants in the Pants
Causes your victim to jump around firing uncontrollably for a while.
Creates a storm cloud, causing lightning to strike to whoever is near.

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