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Active Powers
Passive Powers
Special Powers
Special Weapons


 Special Powers
Special powers enhances either a weapon, an active/passive power or the player's ability. As with passive powers, special powers happen all the time. 

Only certain special powers have a recharge time, which means it may take a few seconds before it can be in use again. The third icon on the bottom right side of the screen shows your special power and its recharge time.

Your attacks do more damage because they are electrified, when you are in water you get the shock of your life!
You are a health-sucking vampire. Whenever you cause damage to someone, half the damage you inflict is added to your health.
Every time you cause damage to a player, you create a wound which will cause them to constantly lose health. The intensity of the attack will determine how long they will bleed for.
Super Jump
Able to leap tall buildings...
Sniper Shots
Bullet shots are concentrated to a single point.
All your weapon shots and powers are out of phase, thus rendering them invisible.
Hasted Attacks
The firing rate of all your weapons is doubled.
Your powers and missiles have twice the range.
Luck is on your side. When you do damage, sometimes you do more than normal and also when you are hurt you sometimes take less damage.
Armour Piercing
Your attacks go right through your enemy's armour. You can also pierce your enemy's shield.
Whenever someone brings your health down to 20, you are sent into a rage. You have only a BFG to cause as much damage before you explode in a blaze of glory. 
Fast Projectiles
All your missiles move incredibly fast.
Happy Fun Balls
When you die your body spawns those pesky little balls of happiness, who are out for blood!
Kinetic Attacks
All your attacks have much more knockback.
When you're about to die your guardian angel intervenes and transports you to a safe place, but, if the attack came from a player you are only given one chance per life to be saved.
Ammo Regen
Randomly regenerates you ammo as you fire your weapon.
Super Strength
The more health you have, the greater the damage your attacks make. Also it adds extra strength to certain powers.
Item Finder
You automatically pick up any items that are close to you.
Double Shot
All your weapons fire twice the ammo at a time.
Half the damage done to you is returned to your attacker.

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