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Classes work differently from Powers, they can have more than one active, passive & special power and may have their own set of weapons.  

Mere Mortal

You have no powers at all, you are a non-superhero.

You take double damage from all super-powered players. However, in recognition for your sacrifice, you get 3 points for each frag.


You are a deadly killer.

Including using any of the quake weapons, you are given a sword and a sniper rifle with unlimited bullets.
Your active power is the ability to walk on walls.
Your passive power is the ability to see invisible players and cloaked objects.
Your special powers are Sniper Shots and Armour Piercing.

You can move faster,  jump higher than normal and your movements are silent.



You are a big mean robot.

Weapons: Double machineguns and homing rockets as an active power.

You move slower than a normal player and cannot move sideways.

You also have a death shield, which on contact with players will give them an electric shock.

Your maximum health is 200.



You are able to fire colourful deadly plasma streams.

Your active power is the ability to teleport directly behind a player.
Your passive power is Energy Absorption.

Your only weapon, a gauntlet.


The Atom

You are the little guy, you are very easy to ignore and are also very hard to hit.

You active power is the ability to shrink down to a small height and then grow back up to normal.

Special weapon: Shrinkage You can extend you shrinking abilities outside your body and shrink players around you.

You have the speed, mass and strength of a normal player in your shrunken state.



You are a vigilante, dedicated to street justice.

Active power: Impulse 9. Gives you a random weapon, ammo, extra health, teleporter or powerup.

Passive powers: Bulletproof and Boot to Head.

Your attacks are speeded up and your ammo continually regenerates.


Human Torch

You are the fiery human torch, you are very hot.

Your powers are Flamer, Fireball and Flame Cascade.

Your active power is Sunburst, you can radiate intense damaging heat and blindness in one burst.

You constantly radiate heat causing harm to those near and can set your victims on fire with a touch.

At this stage of SuperHeroes Arena's development, only the robot has its own model.

SuperHeroes Arena - 2002
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