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How to Play

How to Play

Active Powers
Passive Powers
Special Powers
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How to Play

You are a superhero, you are given a choice of 3 Powers : Active, Passive and Special and a Special weapon

Active Power : This needs to activated by the player to have some effect in the game. Make sure you have a key assigned to 'Active Power'.
Passive Power : This power is on all the time, the player has no control like they do with active powers, thus passive power.
Special Power : This power enhances either a weapon, an active/passive power or the player's ability. As with passive powers, special powers happen all the time.
Special Weapon : This isn't really a power but it can seem like one, it is designed to be a defensive or close range weapon. You can use it just like you do a quake weapon.

Or you can choose to be a specific Class

A Class is different from Powers , the player becomes a specific superhero and so is limited to only doing what that superhero can do. They may have specialized weapons just for that class and have more than 3 powers and they may have extra abilities.

Choosing your Powers

There are 3 ways you can select your powers in the game :

1) In the in-game menu under Powers.

2) Using assigned keys to cycle backwards or forwards through the available powers or classes. You can assign these keys in the game menu at Controls then Super.

3) Using the quake 3 console. Check Choosing Powers on the commands page for detailed information.

Game types

In SuperHeroes Arena there are 5 different game types where you can try out your super-powers.

Single Player Games

Free for All
Free for All is the typical deathmatch game which you find in most First Person Shooters, where a single superhero tries to get the highest score by fragging every player in sight.

This is where superheroes fight 1 on 1 while others wait their turn as spectators, waiting to prove their worthiness.

Catch the Chicken

The objective of Catch the Chicken is to find the chicken and then hold onto it as long as you can without being fragged by a player. 

You receive 1 point for every 10 seconds you hold on to the chicken. Superheroes can of course hurt one another in their fight to get to the chicken but those frags aren't added to their score, though, a player can get a point for fragging the chicken carrier. 

The superhero who has held on to the chicken the longest (meaning they have reached the point limit) has won.

You can tell who is carrying the chicken by the obvious chicken circling the glowing superhero and by the trail of feathers in their wake. 

I know this gametype has nothing to do with superheroes, but it's loads of fun.

Team Games

Team Deathmatch
Team deathmatch says it all : There are two superhero teams, Red and Blue. Each team must get the highest score by fragging as many members of the opposing team as superheroly possible, simple.

Capture the Flag

Each team has a flag in its own base. The object of the game is to grab the enemy's flag and bring it back to your base, touching your flag to make a capture. The team with the most captures wins.

Because your team will need to both capture the enemy's flag as well as make sure the enemy doesn't steal your own flag, you'll need some team strategy to succeed in CTF. In general, teams divide themselves into two squads: offense and defense. As you can guess, defense defends the base and makes sure that the enemy doesn't steal the team's flag, and offense tries to capture the enemy flag. If the team is large enough, it's usually best to have some members on a solid defense, some on a solid offense, and one or two who can straddle the middle of the map and serve as "floaters", players who can switch between defense and offense as needed.

Main Menu and In-game Menu

SuperHeroes Arena has 2 menu systems : the main menu, which you will see when you first start it up, and, the in-game menu, which you will see while you play the game.

Main Menu

In the main menu, you are presented with 5 options :

Find a Game - Presents you with a browser so you can search for servers to play on. Click here for more.
Create a Game - Allows to setup your own SuperHeroes game or a server. Click here for more.
Player - Change your name, your favorite colour effect or your handicap. You can choose the model you play with and have a choice of interchangeable heads and bodies. 
Setup - Change the game controls and the game and system configuration.
QUIT - Take me out of Superheroes Arena

main menu

The Main Menu

In-game Menu

Many of the options in the Main Menu are also accessible through the in-game menu system. During a game, the in-game menu system can be accessed by hitting "Esc". You'll see the screen as shown below. 

In the ingame menu, you have a choice of many options :

- Allows you to choose what combination of powers you want, or you can choose to be a class.
- Join the game, a particular team or just spectate.
- Issue orders to your team mates, this only works in a team game.
Add Bot
- Add super-powered bots into the game. You can only do this if you have created the game.
- Change your name, your favorite colour effect or your model.
- Assign keys to all the game controls.
System - Change system configuration. Graphics, sound, network etc
- Change the game options.
- If someone calls a vote, you can say yes or no.
Call Vote
- You can call your own votes.
- Information on the current game and server.
- Quit the game or return to the Main Menu

The Ingame Menu


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