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Saturday, 27 August 2005 14:40gmt - Batmite

I've decided to work on SHA again and update it! I can't believe it myself, I thought I'd never go back, but here I am. I'll always have an interest in superheroes and their powers, it's great that there is an interest in superheroes in the movies nowadays.

One of the reasons I have come back is that, iD software recently released the engine source code to Quake 3 Arena. This has given me a new enthusiasm to work on it again, and also it's a great opportunity to separate the dependency that SHA had on Quake 3, so that now, anyone will be able to play it! Going to try my best to remove the quakeness out of it :)  Now that I have more control on how I code the game, I can  include things I wanted but couldn't have before.

If anyone wants to help me in anyway or give me ideas, I really welcome them and also if any of you have been playing this for a while, could you tell me if you found any bugs, let me know or say it in the forum.

Until next time!

Monday, 11 April 2005 04:14gmt - Batmite

It's been a while since I said anything about this mod...

Not long after Half-Life 2 was released; I figured that this engine would a great base for a new SuperHeroes game, it has a lot of potential and excellent physics for a super powers based game.

I made a lot of plans and designs for a new SuperHeroes, then I gave up, too much hard work, lol, SHA was hard enough as it is. I hope someone out there has the ability to take this great game idea to the next level.

I really enjoyed the experience in creating this mod and I wish there were more FPS games out there that were about super powers or magic or something like that. I'm glad to have met some of you guys, that I wouldn't have bit met otherwise, if I didn't create this mod.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, 29 August 2002 20:47gmt - Batmite
Hi, been really busy dealing with the release of SuperHeroes Arena, all of the responses I have received so far about the game have been positive, thank you for your emails.

Good news, this website has finally got some proper hosting, many thanks to RogeR of, and because of this I have finally set up the forum, so please let people know what you think about SuperHeroes Arena.

At the moment there are not many servers hosting this mod, hopefully some of you out there may consider setting up a server. ;)

And finally I was interviewed by the people at The Blue Machine, if you're interested you can read the interview here.


SuperHeroes Arena is finally released!
Wednesday, 14 August 2002 14:20gmt - Batmite
At last!! After 2 years of working so hard and in secret on SuperHeroes Arena, I can finally release it for everyone to enjoy. I am so happy that this day has come, now I can finally relax, for the moment anyway.

I hope you enjoy playing this modification as much as I did making it.

PlanetQuake refused me hosting for this site because of its similarity to another superheroes mod for quake3, but this didn't stop me, so at the moment I'm hosting this site in my 20mb isp webspace.

Download it now from Files and have fun!

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