Bionicle classes

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Bionicle classes

Postby SD on Sat Sep 27, 2003 7:30 am

here my suggestion for some new classes

there is this line of toys(also comics, games, books, and a movie) called bionicle in it there are 6 heros each has control over an elemental power (earth,fire,air,water,stone,ice(and most recently light)).

in the story the chars fight enemys in waves over a story arc most of the time in a set of 6 each with unque powers like

gravity, plasma, fear, magnetism, anger...

there are others that i dont feel like trying to tipe out right now.

ANY WAY my point is that any one of them would be a good class. with gravity being able to negate or reverse gravity so that your target becomes so light that they get stuck to the celling then fall or intensify gravity so that they fall to ground and can't run/jump

i know it would be way WAY to hard to make some of them but some of them are realy cool. i would like to see a gravity or magnetism based class.

list of base powers(they all have other powers)
energy/strength drain
Fire control
Ice control
Air control
Water control
Earth control
stone control

there are more but not realy worth saying
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Re: Bionicle classes

Postby Batmite on Sat Sep 27, 2003 9:04 pm

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll have a look.
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