Superman Vs Goku

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Re: Superman Vs Goku

Postby Guyver on Sat Apr 26, 2003 1:11 pm

lets see if a bullet hits a human being in the chest he dies,if it hit goku in the chest he dies...bullets bounce of off superman who is a human and who is an alien....goku is a human that trained to do all those things turning into monkeys and doing kame hame ha......goku gets tired like a normal human being he need water and food to live and he also dies of all who needs to watch the show.....superman would knock goku lights out
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Re: Superman Vs Goku

Postby KyoMamoru on Sun Apr 27, 2003 7:25 am

Goku is a Saiyajin, which is a race of fighting Aliens that have a tail on birth. With that tail on the sight of a full moon they are able to turn into Ozoura's (Giant Monkeys) with little self conciousness at what they do during that time.

Being the warrior race they were, they were recruited by Furiza, the current malicious dictator of the world to go out and purify planets so he could sell them. It started out all fine and good, but you see with every fight a Saiyajin fights, he becomes stronger.... Esspecially if he has his ass handed to him.

So, after awhile, the Saiyajin's were getting pretty damn strong, and Furiza decided...that it wasn't worth the chance that the Legend would come true. The Legend of the Super Saiyajin, in which was a state that a Saiyajin once attained that made him pretty much unbeatable, until the guy blew up in his own rage..

Anyways, Furiza destroyed the Saiyajin planet using one finger and his lovely death ball...but four Saiyajins survived, Goku who was sent to earth as a mere baby to clean out the populous ( After birth, Saiyajins don't need any true trainning to use their energy, it's all innate.), Vegeta who was the Prince of the Saiyajins, Nappa his body gaurd, and Raditzu a warrior.

So, Goku was on planet earth all alone and was found by a man by the name of Gohan, who raised him to be a kid with actual morals, and taught him how to fight; however, Goku turned into an ape at the sight of the full moon and stepped on his grand father...

Years after being alone trainning, Goku went on several adventures with a girl name Buruma aka Bulma. Through that, he gained trainning under Muntsen Roshi, or the Turtle Hermit. After that trainning he took on an entire army by himself at the age of ten I believe...

During that time, he was hit with his fair of bullets, which NEVER pentrated his skin. Even when he was living with the Turtle Hermit who had a Schizo named Lunch living with them that's darker side would shoot Goku constantly with Mp5's...ect...

Well, anyways, after several more trainning secessions and years, Goku fights all over the place, and without spoiling major plot points, he ends up fighting Furiza on Namek, goes Super Saiyajin.... After that he learns a move that allows him to travel near the speed of light, planet to planet, person to person.....

Throught the years Goku had to fight stronger and stronger things, from Furiza to Cell which was a fighter made of the genetic material of all the strongest fighters in DBZ, to Majin Buu, a fiend that pretty much destroy 30 planets in one episode while searching for Goku to fight him...

let's do an objective analysis...

Goku can fly.
Super Man can Fly.
Goku can take bullets to his body without bruising, or could dodge the bullets completely.
Super Man can dodge bullets to his body without Bruising, ect.
Superman has heat vision.
Goku creates Ki blasts that are capable of blowing up the planet on an off day.
Superman has frost breath (sometimes).
Goku can withstand intense cold and hot temperatures from all of his trainning. All Goku would need to do would be to raise his visible aura around him, and melt the ice. At one point in the series he was completely incased in ice, yet he simply melted it with his own energy.
Superman is incredibly durable and can take several thousand tons of explosives....
Goku can take blasts of energy that would blow up the planet to his face, get up, and continue fighting..
Super Man lacks Hand to Hand fighting techniques.
Goku knows how to fight hand to hand, and how to use all of his abilities.
Goku can go Super Saiyajin 1, 2, and 3 if the need arises, raising his strength, durablity, speed, and power.
Super Man...has no transformations to get stronger.

PS: The Saiyajin race evolved to the point where they barely age beyond the visible age of their 20's to allow them to continue fighting at their optimal potential.<p>[ April 26, 2003: Message edited by: KyoMamoru ]

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