Hidden and test powers

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Hidden and test powers

Postby Batmite on Mon Mar 31, 2003 9:21 am

Here is a list of hidden and test powers.

They can only be accessed via the console using /powers <active> <passive> <special> <special weapon>
Check this website to use this command http://www.batmite.com/commands.htm#ChoosingPowers

Note : Cheats must be on

:) Active powers

pm - Prox Mines - The special weapon Proximity mine as an Active power
fg - Freeze Grenades - The special weapon Freeze Grenades
w8 - Weirdness - Let's you cycle through various weird effects
s8 - Surprise - Let's you teleport behind a player (used in the Jubilee class)
t8 - Force Field - The special weapon Force Field
rv - Remote View - This is one of the coolest powers but it didnt make it in SHA because there were a few bugs that I didnt have time to fix. This power allows you to see through the eyes of another player, from a little window on the bottom right of the screen.

:) Passive powers

ds - Death Shield - Gives you the Robot class death shield

:) Special powers

s8 - Shrink test - Makes you small, similar to Atom but different, like you were shrunk by another player, therfore you can be squished :)
ar - Ammo Replicate - Used in the class Punisher

:) Special weapons

pb - Plasma Blasts - From the Jubilee class
fl - Flamer - From the Human Torch class
sw - Sword - From the Assasin class
sn - Sniper - From the Assasin class
sg - Shrinkage - From the Atom class
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Re: Hidden and test powers

Postby KyoMamoru on Wed Apr 02, 2003 3:57 pm

Nice... =x

I have to say...the best combination I found through the use of the new options is...

Active: Suprise
Passive: Flight
Special: Midgit
Special Weapon: LightSaber

I mean...being a midgit makes you a small target...flight allows you to teleport to wherever you want, whenever you want even if the person is falling off an edge...not to mention a flying midgit is even harder to hit....Plus it cancels out the slow move speed of the base midgit. =x Light saber of course, replaces the gaunlet hits for the Suprise....Needless to say, the bots didn't stand a chance. =x

Oh yea...what's the command for the Ninja wall walk? =x<p>[ April 02, 2003: Message edited by: KyoMamoru ]

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