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Still here!

Postby rein on Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:52 am

Just wanted to say I'm still enjoying the mod after over 3 years of playing it! Any chance of letting us in on a little info? What you're working on, what you've planned, anything? I'm psyched about a new version coming out at some point. :)

As a side note... Anyone know exactly what each color does using Prismatic Field?
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Re: Still here!

Postby Batmite on Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:46 pm

Thank you for your message! :)

I'm so happy to know that you still enjoy the mod, it makes all those years of hard work worth it.

I haven't promised that I'll be releasing version 2 of the game, it may never come because I have so many things going on in my life at the moment, but you'll never know. When I'm completely sure that I'll be releasing the next version, people will know about it. When I finished the first mod, I was soooo glad that it was over; even though I enjoyed making it, it was many years of hard work. I said to myself I don't think I'll go through that again unless I had a very good reason, and also I'm not in the same place in my life that I was back then. Since 2005, I've been tinkering on the code, improving it, planning some new powers, but that is in the little amount of spare time that I have now. I wish I could sure about it, but I can't, sorry.

Oh yeah, prismatic field, lol, I've looked in the source code because I forgot what each colour does :-

I don't think the cycling colour effect seen on the player corresponds to what power you have but there is some random colour variable that changes once in a while that corresponds to some power, here they are:

Black - This is like a hole in your field and means you can be damaged as normal.
Blue - You get no knockback.
Red - You get a tenth (1/10) of the damage from whatever and also immune from chemical, heat, cold and psionic forms of attack.
Green - You only get half the damage from whatever.
Magenta - A tenth (1/10) of the damage and immune to radius (explosions/concussive etc) and impact damage types of attack.
Yellow - A tenth (1/10) of the damage and immune to energy and radioactive types of attack.
Cyan - A tenth (1/10) of the damage and bullet proof and immune to electrical attacks.
White - You get no damage.
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