For the sake of fun...

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For the sake of fun...

Postby KyoMamoru on Sun Dec 21, 2003 4:13 pm

Well, I was wondering for a few moments today as I sat alone playing against a few bots, and it occured to me what could be done by the players to increase the fun factor of this game.

Firstly, as stated before, I've found that playing on non Q3 maps, ala Urban Terror maps where there aren't such pickups as Ammo, and health make the game more fun, since you need to specialize in the powers that you choose at the beginning of the match.

Secondly, very rarely do Super Heroes go out into an All out free for all... So, Perhaps we should create teams of sorts. Teams of five members at the most, for Capture the Flag battles; however, there would be a set course of rules to make the matches fun.

1) The Players must choose their powers at the creation of the team, and post them in a forum topic. I say this because, Superman doesn't just go, "I'm tired of eye beams, I wanna teleport. =(" So, thusly each player on the team would have one power setup -period-.

--Because the teams have to post their power set ups, it would create a forum to discuss of the powers are fair together or not. Obviously, invisibility and light saber isn't fair, and would probably be a shunned combination.

--Also, this causes the team to choose powers that work together, rather than what works best in a situation.

-Furthermore, it defines the players as to who they are.

--Finally, its more fun having to master a power, than just changing to suit the needs of the battle.

2) The limit to amount of players on a team is, of course, at the max of 5, and the lowest of 2.

3) The Capture the flag Model could be changed to say, Capture the Hostage, with the change of a model, or capture the Chip, or something of the sort.

4) To -further- create a dynamic team play enviroment, (subject to change), a capture limit of 1. Why you ask? Because, it means its not an all out fighting brawl to get the flags, and deciding to screw defense... This forces stragies to be made.

--On the otherside of the coin, a Survivor mode would do better than a Capture the flag mode...

5) Since everyone is on a predetermined Team of sorts, then they of course, can learn who they are with, and communicate with each other with something such as Team Speak, taking the level of communications with each other to another level.

If you guys are in favor of this idea, please tell me...

I know what you're thinking, we don't have enough people...

You can't tell me that you guys can't find another two or three people to play on your team, if we create a stable forum of playing for the game.

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Re: For the sake of fun...

Postby Batmite on Sun Dec 21, 2003 10:09 pm

I always wished there had been a Capture the Flag server, as I know that team games are always the most funnest. My least favorite game type is Free for All because it always promotes the cheapest power combinations and people use them to death.

If people decide to get together and form teams I wouldnt mind joining once in a while, even though my game playing skills are a bit rusty. A lot of times, people are half-hearted about getting together and playing online games.

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Re: For the sake of fun...

Postby nineinchnerd on Sun Jan 25, 2004 1:56 am

My connection would never be able to handle a ctf server. You need a very high speed cable (upload) or a T1+ line.
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